Noel Gallagher has confessed he was petrified ahead of the opening show on his solo tour and suffered the worst stage-fright of his entire career.
The former Oasis rocker played the opening concert to promote his new album, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday night (23Oct11).
And he poured his heart out to fans ahead of the concert, admitting he was "s**tting" himself with nerves and struggling to sleep.
In a post on his blog on Saturday (22Oct11), he wrote, "Nerves are a-jingling and a-jangling. Palms are sweaty already and the damn thing ain't for another 24 hours!!!
"Been through this a thousand times before. Can't remember ever feeling like this though. I'm sure I won't sleep tonight. Too tense. A bad performance tomorrow and it could kill this thing before it's even started. On the other hand, a good performance and the sky's the limit. Either way, it's time to put up, or shut up!!!
"I don't know why I'm putting myself through this. God knows I don't have to. Addicted, I guess. It's been looming on the horizon for what seems like a lifetime now. I wish it was Monday and it was all out of the way so we could all just move on and let the future look after itself... I don't mind admitting to you comrades... I'M Sh**TIN' IT... Hard!!!!!!!"
Gallagher then tried to make light of his nerves by pretending he was referring to a crunch soccer match the following day, before adding: "Ps: Did I mention the gig at the Olympia? Onstage at 9pm. Don't be late!!!!"