Noel Gallagher announced plans for his debut solo album 'High Flying Birds' at a press conference in London today (6th June 2011) while also opening up about his infamous fight with brother Liam that resulted in the guitarist leaving Oasis, reports the UK's Guardian newspaper.
After revealing his debut LP would be released on 17th October 2011, with another to follow in 2012, Gallagher gave his version of events concerning the dramatic bust up in Paris in 2009. The songwriter said Liam began "wielding a guitar like an axe" just minutes before the band were due on stage for the Rock en Seine festival in 2009, adding, "He was quite violent. At that point there was no physical violence but there was a lot of World Wrestling Federation stuff, he was like Randy Savage or something. It was an unnecessarily violent act and he nearly took my face off". Despite regretting the way in which he left the band, Noel spoke optimistically about moving on with his new projects, which includes a collaborative album with Amorphous Androgynous. The 44-year-old described the 18-track album, due out on 2012, as, "f*cking far out", adding, "It's the furthest out I've ever been. It's good though".
Noel Gallagher also announced plans to tour with his 'High Flying Birds' band from October 2011, but further details are yet to be revealed.