Noel Gallagher is curating the Teenage Cancer Trust's set of gigs; getting some of the biggest bands and comedians to entertain audiences at The Royal Albert Hall, and all to raise money for teenagers that are suffering from cancer.

It sounds like a fun job, curating a week of shows at a truly legendary venue, but according to Noel, it's something the government should be doing (helping teenagers with cancer, not prancing about on stage a la Russell Brand, although that would be funny, too).

"I don't feel I've got a moral obligation to do anything. I do it because it feels right to me, not because I'm morally obliged to do it, let's face it, the government should be doing it, not us" Noel told Contact Music at a press conference today. "It's like when you meet these kids and stuff like that you remember that you were a teenager once, albeit a long time ago but speaking for me personally, I do it because I want to, not because I should be doing it."

Part of the attraction is The Royal Albert Hall, which has seen some of the biggest stars grace its stage. Opened by Queen Victoria in 1871, it is one of the most iconic and visually stunning concert halls in the world. "I love playing at the Albert Hall," explained Gallagher, "never get to play here enough, and I love coming to see bands at the Albert Hall, it's a magnificent historical place and going back to asking the bands to do it, you're doing them the favour by asking them to play it because really, this is not in the gigs circuit."