Rocker Noel Gallagher is hopeful "time will heal" his rift with estranged brother Liam, despite an ongoing libel lawsuit between the pair.
The warring brothers have been at loggerheads since Oasis split in 2009, and their feud escalated earlier this year (11) when Noel alleged the band was forced to pull out of Britain's V Festival two years ago (09) because singer Liam had a hangover.
Liam was infuriated by the remarks, insisting he had a doctor's note confirming he was suffering from laryngitis, and he issued a high court writ against his brother, demanding he retract the comments.
Noel subsequently apologised, although Liam is still pushing ahead with the legal action - but Noel just hopes they can one day put their issues behind them.
He tells, "We never hung out together outside of the band, ever. Now, of course, at some point I'm going to have to sit in a f**king room with Liam again.
"Hopefully time will heal some of these wounds. If you're asking me if it's going to be this Christmas - not a f**king chance."