Rocker Noel Gallagher abandoned his experimental album with psychedelic collective Amorphous Androgynous as he feared the risky venture could wreck his reputation.

The former Oasis star announced the project in 2011 at the same time as revealing details of his debut solo album, and he promised fans the link-up with experimental duo Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans would be his strangest record to date.

After several delays during production of the album, Gallagher eventually abandoned the project, and now he has revealed he pulled the plug because the record was simply not good enough and he feared damaging his own reputation.

He tells Q magazine, "It wasn't good enough. I knew that anything coming after that first album had to be better, because I am in sole control now and there are no excuses any more. Gaz and Brian will forever say it was good enough and I am a c**t, but it would have been my name on the cover."