Noel Gallagher blames the demise of his brother Liam's band Beady Eye on a series of painful accidents that befell guitarist Gem Archer.

Liam formed the group from the ashes of Oasis after their break-up in 2009, but the new band ended in October (14) after four singles from their second album Be flopped, failing to crack the top 100 of the U.K. charts.

Gallagher admits it was hard to see his sibling's new group fail to succeed, but he is convinced the split came about after Archer suffered a fractured skull and leg injuries in falls at his home in 2013 which scuppered a series of promotional concerts in Europe and Japan.

He tells Britain's Telegraph magazine, "I believe that if Gem hadn't smashed his face in and broken his leg they'd probably still be together. I think that killed a lot of the momentum."