Noel Gallagher loves watching Australian news because it reminds him of 'Monty Python'.

The 44-year-old High Flying Birds rocker is obsessed with life Down Under, and in particular loves television news reports, which be believes have a lot in Common with the iconic comedy series.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I love being down in Oz. I've never seen one kangaroo, not one.

''And there's none of those fellas walking around with corks on the end of cowboy hats. But what's great about it is they've got slightly different chocolate bars to what we have in the UK. It's brilliant.

''And their news is crazy. It's like watching Monty Python.''

The former Oasis star has been touring the globe with his new band, but admits he has a plan in place for the day when his career stops being fun.

He said: ''As long as I enjoy it I'll do it, and when I stop enjoying it I'll go and do some gardening or something, but I genuinely enjoy the process of writing songs and doing all this, I love all this.

''You know, it's like I was on the dole for seven years, the novelty of this still hasn't worn off for me, you know, it's great, it's a great gig.''