OASIS star Noel Gallagher has levelled another broadside at British chart rivals Bloc Party, insisting the HELICOPTER rockers over-intellectualise music.

Bloc Party have already come underfire from the SUPERSONIC guitarist's brother LIAM, who branded the band "f**king rubbish", and Gallagher struggles to understand their interpretation of records.

He says, "Every time I read an interview by them, they're talking about their favourite music; 'Yeah, I heard a BJORK B-side that was interesting'

"People that analyse music? It's either good or its bad. So it either makes sense to your brain or it doesn't.

"There's no such thing as interesting. I've never sat down and listened to a record and gone and analysed it that much that I was 'interested'.

"It's like, put it on and within two minutes you're going, 'Its rubbish, turn it off, turn it off!' or stick it on again."