Noel Gallagher has no plans to release a solo album - despite having a bank of songs he's written that aren't right for Oasis.
The British rocker is currently on tour with Oasis following the release of the band's seventh studio album, Dig Out Your Soul, in October (08), and the only plans he has when the tour ends in August (09) is to take a well earned break.
He says, "Some might say they're all solo albums but they've just got the band's name on the front. There are no plans to do anything after this tour but go on holiday. I've got lots of songs that wouldn't really (suit Oasis)."
Although he has no immediate plans to release the songs himself, the Wonderwall hitmaker is reluctant to give his songs to other artists, in particular Welsh pop star Duffy.
He says, "I'd rather trap my finger in a door (than give her a song)."