I came to the Heroes ball late. I watched a bit of the first episode on original release, got distracted, and gave up. Not until the first full season was released on DVD did I catch up on what I'd missed: An excellent supernatural drama filled with interesting, unique characters, exciting stories, and fun plot twists.

Basically, Heroes is a comic book come to life, telling us of average people who suddenly find they have special, superhuman powers. A cheerleader, Claire (Hayden Panettiere), discovers she can heal any injury (it's a good thing, too, she'd be dead about 20 times over if she couldn't). A congressional candidate (Adrian Pasdar) can fly. A cop (Greg Grunberg) can read minds. And so on. The story that evolves over the 23 episodes of season one ultimately concern a serial killer, Sylar (Zachary Quinto), who is preying on superheroes and sucking out their powers for himself, and a nuclear bomb that is foretold by one hero to decimate New York City. Somehow the heroes are involved... but they might be able to stop it.

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