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Noah Francis Johnson - For A Long Time

Welsh singer songwriter Noah Francis Johnson plays his track 'For A Long Time' taken from his forthcoming 'Harvest Tree' EP out on October 22nd 2014 through Last Ten Records.

In the video, Johnson is performing a tender acoustic rendition of the song in an intimate live session, accompanied by a harmonica player. With a warm melody and heartfelt lyrics, the track is another deep look into Noah Francis Johnson's soul which he displayed remarkably well in his debut album 'Life & Times'.

Johnson has been inundated with praise from the likes of record producer Quincy Jones, as well as TV invitations from the BBC, and he's been asked to work on a forthcoming Ray Charles project. Earlier this year, he spoke to us about the release of his debut album, which he described as being 'inspired by my whole life to date'. As for meeting Quincy Jones, Johnson could only compare the experience to 'meeting God', and after working with Killing Joke's Geordie Walker, he was overwhelmed by a feeling of 'rock and roll'. 'He made the biggest impact on me', he admitted at the time. Johnson will be launching the new EP at KPH in London on October 22nd.

Noah Francis Johnson - My Way

Cardiff-born singer Noah Francis Johnson unveils his rendition of Frank Sinatra favourite 'My Way' alongside a new video. Johnson released his debut album 'Life & Times' earlier this year which included another cover.

The video for the track is set in an isolated desert, with a smartly suited up Johnson crooning out the Sinatra smash hit with his own wonderfully soulful spin that builds up to a raw, power vocal climax. It is a remarkably appropriate track to cover for Johnson as it is reminiscent of something he told us in an interview with us back in February regarding another cover. 'There's a track called 'You're The One That I Want' and it's a Grease cover that I would sing for hours', he explains. 'When I got a little older, I was messing around with it; and I did it my way'.

As for doing it his way, Johnson is set to unveil a new EP later this year, hot on the heels of his 'Life & Times' album which he described as being 'inspired by my whole life to date'. He has a summer European tour coming up with several dates in the UK over June and July 2014.

Introducing: The 'Life And Times' Of Noah Francis Johnson

Noah Francis Johnson Quincy Jones Killing Joke

Noah Francis Johnson

He may have kicked off his solo music career late in life being now in his fifties, but Cardiff-born singer Noah Francis Johnson has certainly proved that time and patience is enormously beneficial with his soulful debut offering.

Not that his interest in performing is a new route in his life, as Noah has been in and out of working men's clubs around the UK since he was 7-years-old. Born in Tiger Bay, the Welshman took up entertaining with the encouragement of his parents who, particular his father who was in a band called The Shades, were also very musical. His previous forays into music have included fronting rock band Ellis and touring the UK and Europe supporting the likes of Slayer, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz and Gil Scott Heron among others. Music hasn't always been his sole passion, however, having won belts as a Welsh professional boxer and even becoming a world disco dancing champion in his younger years. Now, though, he's ready to unleash his first musical offering to the world in the form of his autobiographical new album 'Life & Times', which he admits he has been unknowingly writing since the age of 9.

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Noah Francis Johnson - Interview

Sitting in a back room in Madrid, Noah Francis Johnson took some time to speak to Contactmusic about his new album 'Life and Times', as well as give us a broad depth into the enigmatic soul which has seen him transform from a cabaret singer at seven years old to opening live for Slayer and how the people around him gave him the positivity to reach his goals today. Hi Noah, you have a new album coming out in the UK this month, what can you tell us about it?
Noah Francis Johnson: It has taken a long time to write. It was inspired by my whole life to date. I started off in cabaret when I was seven years old, and I learned a lot of tricks; as well as a lot of bad habits. With this album, I cherry-picked every moment that I wanted to share with people; and that's exactly what is on the album.  There's a track called 'You're The One That I Want' and it's a Grease cover that I would sing for hours. When I got a little older, I was messing around with it; and I did it my way. It really worked, and I feel that it was a way of monitoring my growth. I've been really blessed because all the tracks are all moments of my life. It's a real honest, organic album. 

CM: How long have you been writing the album for?
NFJ: In all honesty, it's been since I was nine years old. Obviously I never realised that I was doing it, but when I got to the point where I was choosing which songs to put on the record; I said "Let's put the songs on the album that mean something to me and hope that people will relate to that." And that's what seems to be happening. 

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Noah Francis Johnson - Life & Times

Cardiff soul singer Noah Francis Johnson has released a scenic video for the title track of his upcoming debut album 'Life And Times', due to be released on February 24th 2014 through Last Ten Records Ltd.

The video features the brawny musician pushing what seems to be a broken down motorbike over some foggy hills and through a beach in what looks to be the British countryside. It's a moving acoustic track that may be slow and mellow, but is an uplifting offering all the same that lyrically sums up the autobiographical album.

Thanks to his entertainer father, Noah Francis Johnson has been performing all his life in between his boxing and dancing ventures. He has received an incredible amount of praise from various publications about 'Life & Times', which was recorded at both Abbey Road and Metropolis Studios, and was even applauded by record producing giant Quincy Jones.

Noah Francis Johnson

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