R&B singer Nivea has blasted her ex-husband The-Dream for convincing her to keep quiet about the reasons behind their divorce.
The Don't Mess With My Man star was married to the producer/singer for almost three years, but filed for legal separation in December 2007, with the couple releasing a statement claiming it was "a mutual decision".
But Nivea - who has three children with The-Dream - has finally broken her silence about the break-up, insisting she was the one fighting to save her marriage behind closed doors.
She says, "Actually we supposed to say that (it was mutual) but it not true, he wanted to do it, I didn't, but it's done and I'm dealing with it.
"People are trippin' out, 'cause they didn't know I'd tell the truth. It just comes a time in your life when you battle back and forth. I tried my best but sometimes when it's not working it's better to be friends and be parents to your children and not force something that isn't there."
Nivea is currently rumoured to be dating Lil Wayne, while The-Dream is allegedly romancing Christina Milian.