Nina Persson has criticised pop talent shows such as American Idol and The X-Factor, claiming that they cheapen good music.

The former CARDIGANS singer - who enjoyed chart success with songs such as My Favourite Game and Erase/Rewind – has recently recorded a second album under her A-CAMP alias.

She said good pop music should be celebrated rather than being too readily associated with such shows.

Persson told the Daily Telegraph: "I am a total pop monster. I'm from the country of Abba! But I think you can use pop to much better things than it sometimes is.

"It doesn't have to be worthless, throwaway music. I think pop deserves a better destiny than American Idol and x factor."

Elsewhere, Persson recently claimed that does not enjoy recording and touring as a solo artist.

"It's too lonely. I've grown up in a band, and I need people around me," she remarked.

A-CAMP'S new album, COLONIA, is scheduled for release in February.

06/02/2009 11:48:46