Veteran musician Nile Rodgers is celebrating after his collaboration with Daft Punk passed the one million sales mark in just 69 days of release in the U.K.

The Chic star scored a number one hit around the globe with Get Lucky, taken from the French duo's latest album Random Access Memories, and now the song has become the first track in the U.K. to pass the million mark in 2013.

Rodgers admits he is delighted with the achievement, telling, "The fact that Get Lucky has sold a million copies in the U.K. is one thing, but to do it in 69 days?! I'm awestruck... It's absolutely remarkable, because no-one was prepared for this! I've had big records and number ones; I have had records that were number one in the United States but nowhere else...

"I've had records which have done well... But to have this ubiquitous record, that is a hit everywhere... it's amazing to me! I'm out on the road and I can hear it wherever I go. I'm flabbergasted!"

Martin Talbot, chief executive of Britain's Official Charts Company, adds, "This is another impressive achievement by Daft Punk, who have reached this landmark in super-quick time."