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Niki And The Dove, Instinct Album Review

As if by way of some timely reminder, Loreen's 'Euphoria' via the Eurovision Song Contest has been re-affirming and cementing the long held popular opinion that Sweden and pop are a winning combination; inextricably bound and irreversibly inseparable. Like Ant & Dec, Rice & Peas or Death & Taxes, they have become a near unwavering constant capable of always delivering. Whilst Niki & The Dove may not fit the standard remit of polished, pretty and unashamedly positive pop that pervades the Euro airwaves, they nevertheless deliver up a fabulous mix of left of centre pop; skewed by attitude, influence and creativity, it is pop with a slanted and retrospectively funky electro twist. As musical cocktails go, this one washes down a treat.

Paisley Park is well and truly in the heart of Niki & The Dove as the mini Minnesotan wonder boy's magic seems to have been inadvertently woven through their debut album, 'Instinct', making for a very individual and tightly focused collection. The jagged, sliced notes of the arrangements, the drum machine beats and electro hooks set up a very 80s referenced framework on which Malin Dahlstrom lays her acute and angular vocal upon. From the get go of the latest single 'Tomorrow', the twelve track set is driven by pacey percussion and quirky keys. The upbeat tempo and almost operatic vocal arrangement is strangely reminiscent of Malcolm McLaren's take on Madam Butterfly. The reverse synth notes and frenetic interjections of last year's single 'The Drummer' follow on before the more cinematic, Moroder-mimicking 'In Our Eyes'. This is a track shot through with a sun drenched haze that uses a more layered back vocal, a funky bass line and a subdued disco dance floor beat almost as if it were homage to big hair and big mixes.

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Niki and the Dove - The Drummer

Niki and the Dove release their new EP, 'The Drummer', through Mercury Records on October 17th. It follows on from their previous EP, which was released in November 2010, entitled 'The Fox'. Following a successful tour of the UK in September, the Swedish duo has added a further three UK dates, which will commence in November.

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