Nicole Scherzinger finds exercise ''addictive''.

The 'Boomerang' singer - who previously struggled with bulimia while she was in the Pussycat Dolls - feels ''on top of the world'' when she has a great workout and particularly enjoys running.

She said: ''Sometimes you just don't want to do it, let's keep it real - but when you do go to the gym, you feel on top of the world. If you stay at it, then it becomes addictive because it's a natural high. You're not only getting stronger physically but your mind and spirit are getting stronger. I just find it really uplifting.

''If I'm training four times a week, that's good. I'm really into SoulCycle, which is spinning in the dark, and yoga. I'm a runner. I try to go to the gym to do the cross-trainer and other things but I'll always end up running because I can zone out with my music.''

Although she loves to put her body through its paces at the gym, the 34-year-old beauty does indulge in calorific snacks such as pizza and crepes on 'cheat days'.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''Maybe I'll have a crepe for breakfast. For lunch, pizza is yummy, then for dinner, pasta.''