Nicole Scherzinger felt ''empowered'' in the new Herbal Essences advertisement.

The glamorous 'X Factor' judge is a celebrity ambassador for the hair product giant and had a ''wonderful'' time filming the commercial for their new Honey, I'm Strong range as it allowed her to escape from reality in a heavenly location.

Speaking in an interview with Britain's Hello! magazine Nicole said: ''I got to fly to an exotic place and play this really strong, empowered woman for the day. It was wonderful.

''The ad is all about having a busy life and then escaping for 10 minutes while you're in the shower to this fantasy world where women rule.

''I approached it like I would a movie role. In the next commercial my music will also be featured, so it's like a music video.''

Nicole, 34, is known for her luscious raven locks and credits her ethnic origin for having such envious hair - which she loves to ''tease'' before styling.

She added: ''It's my natural colour and all my own hair. Sometimes when I perform I might wear a hairpiece to make it easier to style, but I am of half-Filipino, half-Hawaiian descent so it's natural.

''For me, the best hair has volume. I like to tease the roots before I curl or set my hair. It must be the Southern gal in me.''