Nicole Scherzinger swears diets don't work.

The Pussycat Dolls singer - who is renowned for her stunning slender figure - has tried a number of different strict eating plans but is unable to restrain her urges to eat calorific treats once she relaxes her food rules.

She said: "I've tried every diet out there and they don't work, because eventually the diet ends and I want the foods that I restrain myself from eating.

"It's about having everything in moderation as long as you're staying active. I also try not to eat late at night, not after 7pm if I can help it."

Nicole - who was born in Hawaii and also lived in the US from the age of six - also said she found it difficult being a part of raunchy pop group Pussycat Dolls and wearing revealing outfits because of her strict upbringing.

She explained: "I come from a Catholic background that was very conservative, so I wasn't comfortable showing off my body and was very self conscious about myself. But I learned to deal with that.

"I was much harder on myself when I was younger and that's changed now that I've matured."