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The cast of TV show Jersey Shore leave a hotel in the city centre, having spent the morning doing Italian press for the show, which is in Italy filming the 4th season. - Florence, Italy - Thursday 19th May 2011

Nicole Polizzi
Nicole Polizzi

Jersey Shore cast members return home, having visited Castello Del Trebbio (The Trebbio Castle) in Tuscany. The family run estate the castle is built on, also includes a huge vinyard, which the two girls appear to have visited, as they brought back several bottles of wine as souvenirs. - Florence, Italy - Tuesday 7th June 2011

Nicole Polizzi

celebrates her birthday with a party at Pacha sponsored by Lifestyles Condoms - Arrivals - New York City, USA - Saturday 20th November 2010

showing off her cleavage as she gets out of a Lincoln Town Car with her boyfriend in Manhattan - New York City, USA - Thursday 13th January 2011

The 'Jersey Shore' cast are followed around the town of Florence by fans as they film the fourth season of the popular reality show on location - Florence, Italy - Saturday 14th May 2011

leave Flo nightclub at 4am following a night out with the rest of the cast - Florence, Italy - Sunday 22nd May 2011

The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore returns to Seaside Heights after filming in Florence, Italy - Seaside Heights, NJ, USA - Sunday 26th June 2011

seen at Casino Pier on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk - Seaside Heights, New Jersey - Saturday 21st August 2010

3 my love - New York City, USA - Thursday 23rd December 2010

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki from MTV's Jersey Show Kicks Off Spring Break at LAX Nightclub at The Luxor Resort and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada - Saturday 12th March 2011

Jersey Shore cast members enjoy dinner at Le Giubbe Rossi restaurant, that turns into a late night evening of drinking. The boys were joined briefly by a magician, who impressed them with various tricks, but it was the local girls that really caught there eye, with several invited to join them at a nearby club later in the evening. - Florence, Italy - Monday 6th June 2011

spend their last afternoon of the summer at the Seaside Boardwalk. - Seaside Heights, New Jersey - Thursday 2nd September 2010

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki filming with her boyfriend for MTV's 'Jersey Shore'. Snooki is upset with LaValle after allegedly having an argument last night with him at a club. By the end of the day, the 2 reportedly make up - Florence, Italy - Friday 3rd June 2011

Jersey Shore cast members celebrate their final few days in the city with a night out at 21 club. However, rather than end their trip with one last blow out, the group left after a few hours and headed home, arriving back at the house just after 2.30am. Jenni appeared to be the only one who had overdone it on the alcohol, with Snooki of all people helping her home! - Florence, Italy - Thursday 16th June 2011

leaving the 'Chelsea Lately' studios in Santa Monica after appearing on the late night comedy talk show. - Los Angeles, California - Tuesday 14th September 2010

Nicole Polizzi

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