Did anyone really expect Snooki to stay away from the show that made her famous? Well perhaps not the actual show, but in an interview with MTV, the entire cast of the hit reality TV series revealed their intentions to indulge in some Jersey Shore nostalgia every summer. 

"I went to the Jersey Shore way before the show," Snooki said. "I was growing up there -- 16 years old going there, meeting best friends -- so regardless of the show, I'm gonna go there every single summer because that's what I do in the summer. You go down there, you have fun, you go on jet skis -- that's kind of the thing to do on the east coast." It's the same for Sammi and Ronnie, who also can't seem to let go completely. "I'm from Jersey. I've been going to the Jersey Shore even before we did the show, so my family is still there. I'll definitely be at the Jersey Shore, and I'm bringing Ron with me," Sammi said. Ronnie added, "I go down every summer. It's not going to stop. My kids are gonna go, their kids are gonna go."

"I think this summer we should definitely go back to the Shore and rebuild it," JWoww said, while Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino added, "I actually think that was an awesome idea. ... It's unfortunate what happened. We obviously all live in the area, and we were all affected to a certain degree, but that's unbelievable because I was thinking the same thing. One day at a time, or you never know -- we could all eventually go down there and get another house and do it all over again."