Wallace Avery is struggling with the hardships that life is throwing at him; a boring job, a failed marriage, an estranged son and an unfulfilling relationship; and decides that something must be done in order for him to find happiness again. He fakes his own drowning and purchases a new identity, becoming golf pro Arthur Newman and landing himself a job at a golf club away from Florida. It's then he meets Michaela "Mike", who is actually named Charlotte Fitzgerald and has assumed the identity of her twin sister who's suffering from mental health problems. They set out on a road trip together to Indiana but it isn't long before they both discover each other's true identities. With that in common, their bond strengthens and a romance blossoms as they take comfort in each other's dissatisfactions in life. But when it comes down to it, this couple have some serious decisions to make about the kind of people they really want to be.

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