The Stoker reviews are out, and it looks like the critics can’t decide on a unanimous answer to the eerie thriller. This won’t be good news for director, Park Chan-wook, who’s cat has just died.

He might like Rolling Stone’s review, though; they give the film 3/4, saying “Park has built a hothouse of erotic tension that's primed to explode. Some will find it too much. Screw them. Park's goal is to bust form, not conform to it. Take Stoker for what it is: a thriller of savage beauty.” review Andrew O'Hehir simple can’t agree. He says,"Oldboy" director Park Chan-wook's first American movie is so bad I wonder whether his other movies were ever good.” We can tell you now, O’Hehir, that they are. With a Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score of just under 70%, it’s not as if Stoker has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, but it won’t be settling into the pantheon of films nestled snuggly, and sometimes smugly in the 90%+ bracket.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Chan-wook spoke of the film, and his cat, who sadly passed away. "I'd had him for more than 10 years." But onto the film: "There's this element I brought into the film, this talk of wine," says Park of a loaded dinner-table scene, "There's a line where Evie appreciates how mature the wine is, and Charlie says: well, you can't compare it to a younger wine, which is too tannic. But we realise later on that he didn't pick the wine for Evie, but for India. When he pushes the wine to India and says: '1994: the year you were born.' And that was the year my daughter was born, so it was a nod to her." Stoker, starring Nicole Kidmam, is out on March 1st in the U.K and America.