Nicole Kidman wants pet snakes.

The 'Rabbit Hole' actress has already fulfilled a life-long dream by raising alpacas on the farm she shares with husband Keith Urban and two-year-old daughter Sunday Rose in Nashville, Tennessee, but would love to extend her collection of exotic animals.

She said: "I want to get some more weird animals eventually, I'd love to get snakes, I love them. They might not be a good idea around the baby though."

Australian-born Nicole admitted she is fascinated by unusual pets and loves the llama-like alpacas because they are "so pretty".

She told US TV talk show host Conan O'Brien: "We have alpacas on our farm because they're so pretty. They have lovely long lashes. I think they're really cool. I always wanted a mix of weird animals but that's the weirdest we have."

Although Nicole is afraid to have snakes on the farm because of her daughter, she revealed Sunday Rose loves taking their pet alpacas for walks.

She explained: "You can walk them around on a leash and we have a two year old who loves them."