The actress wanders around her estate collecting eggs and tidying up after her daughters as a reporter fires questions at her about life in Nashville, Tennessee and Australia, working with "decent" pal Hugh Jackman, her husband Keith Urban and her favourite things.

Greeting the questioner, who is armed with a video camera, on the steps to her sprawling farm, Kidman says, "G'day, mate! welcome to Australia."

Showing off her Black Angus cows and cooing about her six alpacas as she tours the farm, Kidman reveals she hates texting, would have liked to have been a scientist searching for a cure for cancer if her acting career hadn't worked out, and would love to portray the Wicked Witch of the West in a remake of Wizard of Oz.

She also gushes about surprising her husband with a 1967 Mustang, names Vivienne Leigh as her favourite actress of all time, sings a line from one of her husband's tunes, and performs perfect impressions of cartoon characters Tweety Bird and Little Quacker.

The breezy interview briefly gets serious when the interviewer asks the actress how she is feeling. She responds, "Pretty raw", adding, "Been through a lot".