The priest at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Catholic church in Nashville, Tennessee is so convinced the celebrity couple will stay together forever he has offered to quit his post if they split.

Reverend Ed Steiner tells the Urbans are "madly in love" and he would be stunned if they broke-up.

He says, "If I were to hear that they were breaking up, I think I would just have to give up my job.

"As an observer, I would say his faith is a strength, and as an observer, I would say Nicole's faith has an influence on him as well - because he madly loves her.

"I've been doing this for 30 years; it's the whole body language thing, you just see it. Their body language suggests that they are a man and woman madly in love... The way you see them talk about the children... just to see them strolling about the campus, they are like a couple that are clicking (sic)."