Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are giving up the sun in their native Australia this Christmas to spend the holidays in Tennessee.
The couple will be joined by Kidman's parents as they celebrate in their adopted Nashville, and that means the To Die For star will have to get creative in the kitchen.
She explains, "I'm not a very good cook so we'll be buying a turkey already cooked. My parents are coming over which is nice but my sister is having her fifth child so she will not be travelling.
"We'll be cuddling up with our baby... It's all about family."
Meanwhile, Kidman insists she and her husband won't be showering her baby girl Sunday Rose with expensive gifts this year (10) - all she wants for Christmas is "pretzels and raisins".
The actress' daughter has become a big fan of the snack foods and would be overjoyed if all she found under the tree on Christmas Day (25Dec10) was a box full of edible treats.
Kidman says, "She wants pretzels and raisins. I said, 'No presents?' and she said, 'No, just pretzels and raisins please.' She doesn't eat candy often but she loves raisins, she'll choose raisins over chocolate."