Arash Amel took aim at director Olivier Dahan and others as he used the broadcast to highlight the film's mistakes.

He began his commentary by writing, "The purpose of this live tweet is to correct the record, an explanation, an apology and most of all a bit of light hearted fun," adding, "I'll keep people storming off set, three-hour shooting days and missing sets for my memoirs."

Among Amel's revelations, he wrote, "our Unit Production Manager vanished in week 3 or 4. Never seen again", and, "I have held my ears and shrieked on many an occasion hearing that music".

He also challenged viewers by asking, "Anyone know what's going on?"

But Amel stopped short of criticising the cast and singled out Parker Posey by stating, "Parker Posey has never been more underused in the history of cinema". He also had kind words for Kidman, who plays Princess Grace in the film, adding, "Nicole was the best. Terrific to work with on every level."

The screenwriter also revealed, "After I saw (the) finished movie I complained to (producer) Harvey (Weinstein), and he heard me. But under French law, director say is final (sic)."

The film premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and was savaged by critics and condemned by members of Monaco's royal family.