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Nicole Holofcener - Celebrities attend The Hollywood Reporter's Next Gen 20th Anniversary Gala at Hammer Museum Courtyard in Westwood. - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 6th November 2013

Nicole Holofcener

Enough Said Review

With a strikingly against-type performance from the late Gandolfini, this film gives the romantic-comedy formula a welcome adult spin. Writer-director Holofcener keeps the characters authentic even as she indulges in some rather farcical plotting. And her astutely observational dialog lets the cast members create characters who are funny, flawed and thoroughly engaging.

At a party, massage therapist Eva (Louis-Dreyfus) meets two people who become important in her life. First is Marianne (Keener), whose snappy wit and honesty make her much more than just a new client. And then there's Albert (Gandolfini), an unlikely suitor who charms Eva with his dry wit and warm camaraderie as they share common emotions about daughters (Fairaway and Hewson) who are leaving home for university. But as Marianne moans about her miserable ex-husband, Eva realises that she's talking about Albert. And she knows that if she tells them that she's made this connection, she'll lose both a friend and a boyfriend.

Holofcener takes this simple idea and stretches it nearly to the breaking point. Fortunately, the film's real strength lies in the interaction between these people, and it's easy to identify with their hesitance as they endure a series of awkward moments that feel bracingly realistic. All of the dialog bristles with humour that feels improvised, and Louis-Dreyfus has always been an expert at combining comedy with both underlying strength and fragility (see Veep). Gandolfini seems like a strange match for her, but he plays the role so beautifully that we root for them as a couple.

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James Gandolfini's Last Ever Movie Premieres With Sopranos Cast [Trailer]

James Gandolfini Julia Louis-Dreyfus Catherine Keener Nicole Holofcener

It's perhaps fitting that James Gandolfini eschewed his gangster typecast in favour of a warm, good-humoured teddy bear of a man in his last ever film, Enough Said: it marks the end of an era.

James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini's Last Film Has Premiered In New York.

Known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano in the long-running HBO drama The Sopranos, Gandolfini died this June of a heart attack whilst holidaying with his family in Rome, aged 51 which came as a massive, heart-breaking shock for his fans. The just-released Enough Said marks the actor's last ever filming.

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'Enough Said' Trailer Released: James Gandolfini's Final Comedy Looks Warm, Smart and Funny

James Gandolfini Toni Collette Catherine Keener Nicole Holofcener

The trailer has been released for Enough Said; a rom-com that will bear a more potent poignancy for those who were fans of the late James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos. The actor died in June after an unexpected heart attack, whilst on holiday in Rome, but his death didn't mean he couldn't keep entertaining post-humously.

Watch The Enough Said Trailer:

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Enough Said Trailer

Eva, a divorced, single mother who faces the impending departure of her soon to be college bound daughter, meets Albert, an easy going, teddy-bear of man who has a complicated relationship with his ex-wife. 

Eva pursues Albert and the couple's relationship quickly blossoms until Eva's latest friend, Marianne, gets a phone call from her supposedly miserable, horrible and selfish ex-husband. Albert.    

Eva finds her relationship being tested and doubting her new partner after being sub-consciously influenced by Marianne. Eva must discover the truth about Albert in order find out first hand if he is as the man Marianne suggests he is. 

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Picture - Catherine Keener, Nicole Holofcener Los Angeles, California, Saturday 26th February 2011

Catherine Keener, Nicole Holofcener, Independent Spirit Awards and Spirit Awards - Catherine Keener, Nicole Holofcener Los Angeles, California - The 2011 Film Independent Spirit awards held at Santa Monica Beach - Press Room Saturday 26th February 2011