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this is a remarkabel video and very emotive. I love it - a real inspiration of the hope we have in Christ!

4 years 8 months ago
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One Touch -LyricsBeen ostracized for 12 yearsI'm used to being aloneSpent everything I had And now it's goneI'm used to being put downMy issues tell it allMy only hope is anchored In this fallChorusIf I could just touch the hem of His garmentI know I'd be made wholeIf I could just press my way through this madnessHis love would heal my soulIf only one touchSo many people callingHow could He ever knowThat just a brush of HimWould stop the flowIf he knew would He rebuke me Or shame me to the crowdWell I'm desperate 'cause it's never or it's nowChorusSuddenly He turned aroundHe said somebody has unleashed my powerWell, Frightened and embarrassed I bowedYou see I told Him of my troublesAnd how...I had to touch the Hem of His garmentAnd I know I've been made wholeAnd how I had pressed my way through the madnessAnd His love has healed my soulThen with one word He touched the hem of my garmentAnd you know I've been made wholeAnd somehow He pressed His way through my madnessAnd His love has healed my soulI tell you He touched meHe reached way down and touched meWhen no one else would touch meJesus, shol' 'nough He touched me... And I know I've been made whole

3 years 11 months ago
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