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Fuhrman: 'I'd Like To Have A Chat With O.j. Simpson'

The Los Angeles police detective who perjured himself while testifying against O.J. SIMPSON in 1995 longs for a face-to-face meeting with the sportsman-turned-actor, so he can get to the truth surrounding the murders of NICOLE...

Simpson 'Bugged' Nicole's Home

O.J. SIMPSON once hired notorious private investigator ANTHONY PELLICANO to harass ex-wife NICOLE BROWN, according to a former police officer. Bill Pavelic, the lead investigator for Simpson's defence team during his criminal trial for the...

Simpson's Book To Be Published

LATEST: O.J. SIMPSON's hypothetical account of killing his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN and her friend RON GOLDMAN will be printed by a New York publisher. A literary agent for the Goldman family has made a deal...

Simpson Book Murder Extract Leaked

The book extract in which O.J. SIMPSON reveals how he hypothetically murdered his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN and her friend RON GOLDMAN has been leaked online. The former U.S. football star wrote If I Did It...

Brown's Family Accuses Ebay Of Complacency

LATEST: Relatives of OJ SIMPSON's ex-wife NICOLE BROWN have slammed internet auction site eBay for taking too long to remove his explosive new book from listings. A single copy of the former American football star's...

Oj Simpson Retains Image Rights

OJ SIMPSON will retain rights to his image after the parent of a victim in his murder trial lost his bid for the former sports star's publicity. Simpson was cleared of the 1994 killing of...

Oj Simpson Denies Book Confession

LATEST: Former sports star and actor OJ SIMPSON has slammed reports he is to be paid around $3.5 million (GBP1.8 million) for "admitting" to the killing of NICOLE BROWN and RONALD GOLDMAN in a sensational...

Simpson Death House Sells For $1.7 Million

The Brentwood, California home where OJ SIMPSON's wife NICOLE BROWN and her lover RON GOLDMAN were slain in 1994 has sold for $1.7 million (GBP940,000). The owners of the infamous property bought the place in...

Oj Simpson Is The Devil, Says Brown

The sister of murder victim NICOLE BROWN has branded OJ SIMPSON "the devil", after learning the fallen star has been making personal appearances she believes to be on the back of his notoriety. DENISE...

Simpson: 'Cochran Saved Me From Jail'

THE NAKED GUN star OJ SIMPSON has paid an emotional tribute to late celebrity defence attorney JOHNNIE COCHRAN, who died of a brain tumour on Tuesday (29MAR05) aged 67. Simpson believes he would be...

Rap Mogul Gotti Wants Case Severed

Lawyers for IRVING 'IRV GOTTI' LORENZO are seeking to have the rap mogul's federal money laundering case severed from the murder and racketeering charges surrounding other defendants. Yesterday (18MAR05), defense attorney GERALD LeFCOURT was...

Simpson: 'I'd Rather Play Golf Than Pay Goldman'

OJ SIMPSON has promised to play golf until he dies in favour of giving FRED GOLDMAN any of the $33.5 million (GBP18.6 million) a court ordered him to pay for allegedly killing Goldman's son Ron...

Zeta-jones Living In 'Fear' After Reading 'Satanic' Letters

LATEST: Hollywood beauty CATHERINE ZETA-JONES thought she would "have a heart attack" after receiving a string of death threats from alleged stalker DAWNETTE KNIGHT, a Los Angeles court has heard. The Welsh actress, 35,...

Oj's Lawyer Predicts Bryant Acquittal

OJ SIMPSON's famous lawyer JOHNNIE COCHRAN believes troubled basketball star KOBE BRYANT will be acquitted from his current rape scandal. Cochran helped acquit former football star and NAKED GUN actor Simpson from charges of...

Oj Simpson's Wedding Plans Cause Upset

OJ SIMPSON has sparked outrage, after it was revealed he plans to marry his girlfriend CHRISTIE PRODY around the anniversary of his ex-wife NICOLE BROWN's bloody murder. Brown and her friend RON GOLDMAN were...

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