Thomas Carter is a life coach who receives widespread literary fame after releasing his book 'Don't Look Back' following a nearly fatal car accident. At a book signing, he meets a troubled man named Angel Sanchez who has taken on Carter's advice so heavily that he is determined to have private therapy sessions with him. Carter discovers that Sanchez is finding it impossible to find peace in his mind as he frequently has frightening hallucinations of his dead mother who was killed and found in the river near his home. Meanwhile, Carter has his own problems which come to rise at the arrival of his brother who knows that he's not the perfect life-coach he comes across as to his readers. Sanchez is also seeing cracks in his life and, in a bid to 'heal' him, brutally holds him hostage - along with his wife and brother - and places them under threat of torture after becoming obsessed with Carter's karma-centric teachings.

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