Praise Nicolas Cage. The actor is ridiculed on a daily basis thanks to his face's seemingly endless compatibility with just about every meme. However, at a Guns N' Roses concert last weekend, the Joe star decided show off his sense of humour by wearing a T-shirt with his own face on it.

US rockers Guns N' Roses posted a photo on their Instagram page over the weekend showing the actor hanging out backstage with the band and comedian Andrew Dice Clay after the Las Vegas show. Cage has gone for the bling, blazer and cowboy hat of GNR frontman Axl Rose, which would be enough to make us giggle but his rather unique T-shirt can be seen peeking out.

The particular cartoon on his shirt is commonly referred to as "You don't say?" and is a shot of the expression Cage makes in one scene of the film, Vampire's Kiss. The face is often used in online discussions as a sarcastic response to an obvious statement.

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The shirt shows that Cage is in on the joke of him being constantly used to express statements online via memes. Cage and his self-referential tee even hit the stage for a final show bow with the 'Welcome To The Jungle' rockers on the 7th June show.

Cage is the latest celebrity to give the internet a wink with a statement T-shirt. Actor Macaulay Culkin was recently pictured wearing a shirt with a picture of Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt with Macaulay Culkin on it. Woah, yeah, seriously.

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Despite all the rock 'n' roll hijinks and self-parodying, Cage is actually quite a busy bee at the moment with seven projects in the pipeline, including the third National Treasure movie.

Nicolas Cage
You Win, Nicolas Cage.