Nicolas Cage is unhappy his new film Trespass will be available for home viewing at the same time it's shown in cinemas, because he wants moviegoers to experience "an event".
Joel Schumacher's new movie, about a home invasion, hits theatres in the U.S. on Friday (14Oct11), but fans will have the option to view it from their sitting room through a video-on-demand service.
The Dvd release is scheduled for 1 November (11), to make the most of the movie's promotional budget, but Cage is encouraging film fans to pay to see it in a theatre.
He tells Reuters, "I like film to be seen the way the director wanted them (sic) to be seen, which is on the big-screen, with an audience, with their popcorn.
"I want movies to be an event. I want people to get excited about it and go out for the night with their wife or their date, whatever it may be, and have it be an event. I don't want it to get smaller and smaller and wind up on a cell phone.
"People have to get smart about how they release movies, and they have a point. Put it on the big-screen and also get ready for the future, which is, people are going to be watching movies at home with their friends, drinking beer and talking as loud as they want. I get it. I just don't like it."