What’s Nicki Minaj’s beef with the Grammy organisers? The American Idol judge was snubbed by the Grammys this year and reckons she knows why. But she’s not letting on to the press. In an interview with Associated Press, Minaj made the kind of provocative statement that will be sure to send the press into overdrive trying to figure out what she means.

“I think that the Grammys had a different reason [for not nominating me] that I do not want to discuss,” said Minaj, cryptically, before adding “and that’s just between me and them.” WHAT IS IT NICKI?? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??? we are all screaming, silently, in our minds. Minaj had better tell us soon or our minds are going to explode with wild ideas of what possible reason the Grammys could have had for snubbing the new Queen of Rap.

Minaj insisted that she respects the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and seems fairly confident that she’ll “get a Grammy eventually.” Nicki reckons that awards aren’t the be all and end all of her career, anyhow and explained “When I go to my shows and I'm selling out arenas in London, and when I'm in Australia and Japan, there aren't any Grammys there. There are human beings who I've touched. There are human beings who are inspired by me, who I love dearly. And that's what my career is based on.” 

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