While everyone is still in awe of the latest Instagram feature that lets you record and post videos to your feed, Nicki Minaj was busy getting the image sharing app mixed up with Snapchat when she posted a very revealing, topless photograph of herself. Before you get too excited and rush to see it, Nicki is covering all the relevant areas.

Nicki posted a 'throwback' picture (sorry, a #throwback) on to her Instagram stream earlier today (June 21) of the time her dress fell down during a music video shoot. She finished the post with the caption "#throwback lmao @scaff_brezzy." - Scaff Brezzy, for those of you wondering, is Nicki's hype-man.

Whilst Nicki was continuing to prove her worth as a positive role model to all the young girls who look up to her and apparently not break Instagram's terms of use agreement, the rest of the Instagraming world have been pre-occupied by the latest feature to the app; videoing. One particular celeb who was taken in by the new feature is none other than Justin Bieber, who uploaded a very giggly video of himself to the service earlier today.

The singer, who collaborated with Minaj on the track 'Beauty and the Beat,' uploaded a video of himself on Thursday (June 20) only to completely break down into a uncontrollable fit of laughter. Unsurprisingly, a number of people have said the singer was high when he recorded the video, but Justin has yet to comment on it. Like Minaj, he was also topless.

Nicki Minaj Billboard
Nicki covered up the important areas

Justin Bieber Arnhem
Bieber also went topless for his Instagram update