Nicki Minaj used to spend $50,000 on designer accessories every month.

The 'Super Bass' singer admitted she went a bit overboard when she first became famous and blew a large chunk of her earnings on pricey bags and shoes.

She told US Vogue magazine: ''[At one time I was spending $50,000 a month on] Giuseppe, Versace, YSL, and Fendi shoes. And I bought tons of Louis Vuitton bags. When you're a young girl from Queens, you're going to stock up on those bags.''

Along with splashing out on the pricey accessories, Nicki also likes to treat her fans with her earnings.

She explained: ''I went to Negril [restaurant] the other night, and I brought, like, 10 of the fans who were waiting outside with me, and bought them all food!''

Nicki, 29, is known for her eccentric dress sense but admitted she wasn't always so adventurous with her style.

She said: ''I was dressing in Tommy Hilfiger baggy shirts and Boss jeans, but then I met a person who dressed like a tiny lady - pantsuits, heels, lots of makeup. I thought she was larger than life. She once did my makeup - I had never seen myself made up before. I didn't want to wash it off; I felt like I had one day to live this fantasy of being a glamour girl.''