Mario Balotelli is a man who usually does what he wants and gets what he wants. What a refreshing surprise then when the Manchester City striker was snubbed by rapper Nicki Minaj after a show at the MEN Arena this week - the U.S. superstar instead choosing to sample one of the city's eateries.

Picture the scene if you will: Balotelli waiting backstage along with several of his City teammates after scheduling a meet-and-greet with the 'Super Bass' singer. Now imagine Mario's face when told Minaj was too tired to see him and wanted to try some Nandos chicken instead. A source told The Sun newspaper: "Mario was gutted. He's a big fan and turned up with gifts along with his other Man City team-mates.But Nicki was too tired after the gig and feasted on a massive Nando's order instead - so he went home disappointed. He'd even bought a camera especially."

Minaj, 21, had reportedly suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the Manchester show, so probably wanted to kick back with some chicken and chill. We don't blame her. Sorry, Mario.