If social media confuses you sometimes, you are most definitely not alone. Nicki Minaj is having some serious problems with her latest app download and the results are quite frankly hilarious. If only because we suffered the exact same struggle when we tried it.

Nicki Minaj at the 2017 Met GalaNicki Minaj at the 2017 Met Gala

What is Snapchat if not a medium of social networking designed to confuse the hell out of anyone who decides to use it? The concept is simple; you take a photo or video, add a quirky filter and share it with your friends and fans who can only view the shot for a maximum of ten seconds. Only, it's not that easy at all and Nicki Minaj found out the hard way. 

'Yo can y'all teach me how to use this?' She wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of her new Snapchat profile. 'Wtf I wanna show y'all how a bad btch posts her first snap but...'

Unfortunately, things got even worse for the 34-year-old rapper when all her fans started calling her on Snapchat. She posted a video on Instagram with her friend recording her screen as she tried to cancel hundreds of calls to get to her settings.

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'Can you guys please stop calling me? Look, I can't get back to my settings', she said in the video, as she opened up various messages. 'This message says, 'B***h you ignoring my calls! Pay for my college tuition sis! I'm in my fourth year of medical school London. Gonna be saving a b***ch's life'. Wait a minute, hold on. What in the- yo! Ma n***a.'

She did get chance to reply to one fan, however. 'What is happening here? 'Yes queen, I love you'. I should really hit that back', she continued, replying with a message saying 'Love you too'. 'And the calls don't stop!'

In the end, she and her friend Candice - presumably the woman who was filming her screen - were forced to contact Snapchat directly to get the calls blocked. 'Omgggggggg why y'all doin this to me? Candice can't even help me', she said. 'They gotta call Snapchat now.'

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Thankfully, she managed to work the app out and no she's posting like nobody's business.