Nicki Minaj's fashion sense is inspired by Japan.

The 26-year-old singer is known for her eccentric sense of style but claims she is influenced by everyday life in her clothing, particularly events in the Far East.

She said: "Where do I get fashion inspiration? Life, especially the streets of Tokyo. Life inspires fashion."

The 'Your Love' singer also admitted she can't bear to leave the house without lipstick and is a particular fan of MAC products.

She admitted in an interview for website Very: "I can't live without Pink 4 Friday lipstick - and all things MAC. And shoes!"

Among her unusual footwear are some multi-layered Christian Louboutin boots which Nicki stepped out in recently.

Asked for her best-ever outfit, she said: "Probably what I wore to take over BET station 106 & Park in New York on the day my 'Pink Friday' album was released - some amazing Christian Louboutin boots. They have three layers of grey fur and zip up. Worn with tights and shorts.

"It's important for me to be sexy, I can't really speak for anyone else. It's become synonymous with me especially since my name is Nicki Minaj. Now, when I go out, people want to see me look sexy. It's important to me."