Rapper Nicki Minaj has just debuted her new video for single ‘Pills and Potions’ and well, it’s one of those that deserves a second or third watch. Actually we’re somewhere around our sixth or seventh now. It’s so packed full of strange visuals and awesome outfits that, while we might not understand all of it yet, we’re happy to look over it again and again. Here’s what we took away from watching ‘Pills and Potions’ on a loop all morning.

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj has debuted her 'Pills and Potions' video

1.This is a new Nicki

Crazy wigs, colourful outfits and usually too much make-up, that’s the kind of Nicki we're used to. But the ‘Pills and Potions’ video presents a much more natural looking Minaj and we have to say, this really is her most beautiful look yet. Nicki’s simple styling in the video fits perfectly with the tone of the song and its a great juxtaposition to all the other crazy stuff we’re about to see.

2. Rabbits are everywhere

This video is full of bunnies and we’re not really sure why, but they’re cute so we like it. There’s a bunny Pez dispenser, an arm moving bunny and even a bunny smoking an e cigarette, plus Nicki herself dons some big white floppy ears. Bunnies galore!

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3. The Game

The Game is in this video, but he doesn’t do much. He kind of just stands there with no shirt on showcasing his many many tattoos (seriously this guy has almost no canvas left.). However at one point Nicki appears to be holding his severed head! Which does still function if only for him to make funny faces at Nicki.

Watch the video for 'Pills and Potions' here:

4. Alice in Wonderland

Maybe it’s just us, but we’re sensing a slight Alice in Wonderland influence here. There’s the rabbits, the severed head (hello queen of hearts) and so much coloured smoke that we can only assume it came from a Hookah using caterpillar.

5. Product placement

Nicki has a new fragrance coming out soon (her third) named Onika and it makes a subtle appearance in the video. What’s far less subtle, however, is that slow motion shot of the Beats logo on the Pill speakers, either Nicki or the video director must be getting a pay day for that one.

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6. That silver liquid

Throughout the video we see a thick silver liquid appear, on one occasion it flows from Nicki’s eyes, on another, from her nails and it even comes out of an e-cig. Is it a Terminator 2 homage? Perhaps, as unlikely as it sounds but we really don’t have any other explanation for this mysterious effect.

Nicki MinajWho knew Nicki loved bunnies so much?

7. Fashion

Although this is a more toned down Nicki, she’s still showing off some serious style credentials. There’s the oversized fur gilet, those high heel lace boots, the Spongebob Squarepants jacket by Moschino and the simple white shorts and vest look. Actually we love all Nicki’s Pills and Potions looks so much that we’ll even forgive those x marks the spot pasties.