This could well be a contender for ‘most misleading song title of the year,’ because the scenes contained herein are far from looking like any high school that any of us here at Contactmusic have ever set foot in. In fact, you only have to wait a little under 30 seconds before you have an eyeful of Nicki Minaj’s ample buttocks. more like two eyefuls, in fact. We learnt a lot at high school but instantly, this video has taught us much about neon pink swim suits and Nicki Minaj’s butt cheeks than we ever realised we needed to know.

Watch the video for 'High School'

Moving on, this expletive-laden video almost contains more dead-air than it does lyrics, after the censors have had their self-righteous way with Nicki and Wayne’s words. Underneath the wordplay – or what’s left of it, for the sake of decency – there’s a light and breezy R&B track, reminiscent at times of the Nelly and Kelly Rowland track ‘Dilemma.’

We’ve already taken a behind-the scenes look at the high school video shoot and now we get to see the results of the evident chemistry between Nicki and Wayne. The video descends into some pretty steamy bedroom scenes between Nicki and Wayne… in fact it makes you wonder why they went to the bother of cutting the rude words out if they were going to leave THAT in… It’s a good job we’re not prudish here. 

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Nicki Minaj: American Idol judge paired up with Lil' Wayne for latest video

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