Meth isn’t just a plot device in Breaking Bad, as Nick Stahl has learned the hard way. The Terminator 3 actor was busted today for violating the terms of his probation for a drug conviction, TMZ reports. According to the website, the arrest occurred at around 5 AM on Friday morning. The police went to the motel where Stahl was arrested to make a parole compliance check on one of the actor’s companions.

Nick Stahl, Burning Palms Premiere
Stahl has been battling addiction for years.

The scene that awaited them, however, was rather unexpected – Stahl, in the company of three other people, all allegedly using the destructive drug. The actor, who plays John Connor in the third film from the Terminator franchise, has a history of drug abuse behind him and was recently placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold – meaning that he was involuntarily confined, as per California law, and deemed a danger to himself or others. He later commented that the detainment actually helped him regain control. It didn’t help enough apparently.

Nick Stahl, Burning Palms Festival
In 2012, he was reported missing by his wife.

During his lengthy struggle with addiction, Stahl has tried to take measures himself, even checking himself into rehab last May. The rehab stint came after Stahl went missing during a mediation session with his roommate. Stahl’s wife at the time filed a missing’s person report, before it was revealed that the actor had checked himself into the rehab facility. With Stahl’s previous history of substance abuse and mental instability, it is likely that this arrest will earn the actor a tougher conviction.

Nick Stahl, Sleepwalking Premiere
His latest incident might be the most serious one yet.