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2015 American Music Awards Arrivals

Nick Robinson - Celebrities attend 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater. at Microsoft Theater, American Music Awards - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 22nd November 2015

Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson

Robert Peston Meets Nick Robinson At Cheltenham Literature Festival

Nick Robinson , Robert Peston - Robert Peston meets Nick Robinson at Cheltenham Literature Festival at Cheltenham Literature Festival - Cheltenham, United Kingdom - Saturday 10th October 2015

Nick Robinson and Robert Peston
Nick Robinson and Robert Peston
Nick Robinson and Robert Peston
Nick Robinson and Robert Peston
Nick Robinson and Robert Peston
Nick Robinson and Robert Peston

The 5th Wave Trailer

Cassie Sullivan is only 16-years-old but her fighting spirit and courage has left her as one of the only survivors on a demolished Earth. The world has been taken over by alien forces known only as The Others, and they have launched a strategic attack on the planet in order to gain ownership. First came the darkness as the mothership wiped all power from the globe; the second wave brought total devastation in the cities, flooding everything in sight; and with the third wave came an airborne infection so deadly it took out whole nations in months. It wasn't long before they launched their invasion, killing any survivors and possessing human beings as hosts to walk among people in secret. Now what's left of the world is preparing for what may be the most apocalyptic wave of all, but the strongest people have survived and they're not ready to give up their home just yet. Cassie knows to trust no-one, but when she meets another apparent survivor, she knows she has to put her faith in him if she wants to find her missing brother.

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Jurassic World Review


With studios afraid of anything new or original, it's not surprising that the dinosaurs are back on-screen nearly 15 years after the rather disappointing Jurassic Park III. The good news is that this film has a clever script and solid characters to go along with the first-rate digital work. So even if the effects kind of take over the movie in the final act, it's still a great ride.

The massive island resort Jurassic World has been running safely for a decade off the Costa Rica coast, so it needs ever-scarier attractions to bring in visitors. The owner Masrani (Irrfan Khan) has been instructing his top scientist (BD Wong) to genetically engineer a bigger, scarier species, and he's come up with a beast called Indominus rex. Park manager Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) has her doubts, but her velociraptor trainer Owen (Chris Pratt) is downright furious when he finds out. Sure enough, just as Claire's nephews (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) arrive for a visit, the I-rex escapes and threatens the 20,000 visitors on the island.

The screenplay sets everything up in fine disaster movie style, with quickly explained back-stories to add some emotional undercurrents to the big-scale chaos. There's also, of course, a requisite villain in the form of the meathead Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio), who thinks dinosaurs could be used by the military and welcomes this catastrophe as a chance to prove his point. Thankfully, the cast dives in with gusto, adding hilarious personality touches to every scene. Pratt is terrific as the swashbuckling action-man, nicely set against the feisty Howard, who trumps him by doing all her action scenes in heels. Simpkins and Robinson have a lively adventure all their own that adds to the film's overall appeal. And there are superb side roles for the talented likes of Omar Sy, Judy Greer and Jake Johnson that add both humour and emotion.

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Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'Jurassic World'

Nick Robinson - Premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Jurassic World' at Dolby Theatre - Arrivals at Dolby Theatre - Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 9th June 2015

Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson
Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson

Jurassic World - Clips

When John Hammond first created InGen and prepared Jurassic Park, it was a colossal failure. When Jurassic World was later opened for the public, a lot had been learnt from Hammond's mistakes, and the new amusement park opened without any problems. But when visitors began to dwindle, something drastic had to be done. Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), the park operations manager has organised to have a hybrid dinosaur created, and needs the dependable and knowledgeable Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to ensure the enclosure is safe for the new dinosaur. But when it eats its twin, and Grady arrives to inspect it, the Indominus rex breaks free, bringing havoc and destruction in its wake.

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Chris Pratt Gushes Over His Wife Anna Faris: "We Are Meant To Be Together"

Chris Pratt Anna Faris Bryce Dallas Howard Jake M. Johnson Nick Robinson Vincent D'Onofrio Irrfan Khan Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg Richard Attenborough

Chris Pratt couldn't help but tell the world how wonderful his relationship with his wife, actress Anna Faris, is and said they "are meant to be together". The couple have been together since 2007 and married two years later. Pratt was being questioned by fans on Reddit when he was asked how he met Faris and what she is like as a wife and mother - the couple have a son together, Jack, born in 2012.

Chris PrattChris Pratt raved about his wife, Anna Faris, in a recent AMA.

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Jurassic World - Clip And Trailer

The park is officially open! Twenty two years after the disastrous attempt to bread dinosaurs for an amusement park, another attempt was made and saw great success. The problem is, due to dwindling visitors, the management have had to try something new with the exhibits. Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), the park operations manager, heads out to speak to Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), the velociraptor trainer. Due to his successful handling of the animals, she believes that he is the perfect person to check the new enclosure, and ensure that it is up to standard. But when someone has dedicated their life to earning the respect of the raptors, they have no idea what needs to be done with the Indominus rex. No one does.

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Jurassic World - Super Bowl TV Spot

The park is officially open! After several years and multiple (disastrous) attempts, Jurassic Park as finally opened for the public. Now named Jurassic World, thousands of people flock to the park every day to see prehistoric creatures in a safe and sanctioned environment. But, as with all things, people have steadily lost interest. Pioneering science at the park has led to the creation of the first hybrid dinosaur being created, designed to entice and scare the visitors, yet unfortunately, it gets lose. Now, a brand new dinosaur is hunting the previously known creatures on the island for sport, and 20,000 people are trapped in its new hunting ground.

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Jurassic World - Teaser Trailer

Taking into account the lessons learnt on the islands Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, the creators of Jurassic Park have created a new dinosaur amusement park named Jurassic Park. Millions flock to the island resort to see the prehistoric animals in their enclosures, but to keep up with demand for new and interesting attractions, the scientists behind the park have created their first hybrid - a unique dinosaur which never originally existed. But after creating a fantastic creature from the best parts of other dinosaurs, the highly intelligent creature escapes - jeopardising the lives of every person on the island. 

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Politicians Outside The Radisson Hotel

Nick Robinson - Politicians outside the Radisson Hotel at Radisson Hotel - Manchester, United Kingdom - Monday 22nd September 2014

Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson

Cannonball 2014, An Annual Gathering Of 'supercar' Enthusiasts

Caoimhe McDermot-Quinn and Mary Robinson - 'Supercar' enthusiasts gathered at the Cannonball 2014 event in the Irish capital Dublin, Ireland - Saturday 13th September 2014

Caoimhe McDermot-Quinn and Mary Robinson

The Kings Of Summer Review


This is the kind of American independent comedy-drama that restores our faith in the cinema, combining a talented cast, witty direction and a razor-sharp script to reboot the coming-of-age genre. It's an original approach that completely wins us over; even the film's slightly too-wacky touches are genuinely hilarious. And it's all grounded in realistic characters we can identify with, especially when they're in amusingly awkward situations.

The story centres on Joe (Robinson), a teen who is fed up with the way his widowed father Frank (Offerman) takes out his grief on anyone at hand. Joe's sister (Brie) has already escaped, moving in with her goofy boyfriend (Cordero), and now that school has let out for the summer, Joe decides to build a bolt-hole in the woods. He finds a collaborator in his best pal Patrick (Basso), whose inane parents (Mullally and Jackson) are so annoying that he has broken out in hives. Then Biaggio (Arias), a strange kid no one really knows, joins them to build a secret cabin where no one can find them. And they love this independent lifestyle so much that they never want summer to end.

Along the way, the film takes a wonderfully honest look at the horrors of adolescence. Joe's and Patrick's parents always say the most embarrassing things imaginable, so getting away from them is like a blast of freedom. And there's a very strong female lead in Kelly (Moriarty), the girl Joe fantasises about even though she has eyes for other boys. Robinson and Basso are excellent in the lead roles, playing characters we can easily identify with and root for. Arias is hilarious as the rather ridiculous Biaggio, making the most of a role that's perhaps the film's only false note: he's just too nutty to be believable.

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'The Kings Of Summer' Brilliantly Entertaining Red Band Trailer Now Here [Trailer]

Nick Robinson Nick Offerman Gabriel Basso Moises Arias

Jordan Vogt-Roberts' new coming-of-age comedy drama 'The Kings of Summer' is set to make its cinematic debut imminently after an exceptional reception at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

In celebration of its nearing release date, a brand new red band trailer has hit the web with snapshots of some of the movie's most hilarious moments. After some tit-for-tat verbal humiliation between Joe Toy (Nick Robinson) and his father Frank (Nick Offerman), with the pair of them failing completely to understand each other and their predicaments, Joe decides to make his own way in life and runs away with his best friend Patrick Keenan (Gabriel Basso), who is having an equally tough time with his overbearing folks, and a strange boy they just met called Biaggio (Moises Arias). They plan out their new house which they will build entirely from scratch and have much fun finding their own entertainment (such as the tribal dance/ pipe-banging scene that featured in the initial teaser trailer). Unfortunately, being impulsive teenage boys, they didn't quite comprehend just how much they'd have to contend with and even the simplest thing of general wildlife becomes a terrifying obstacle. 

'The Kings of Summer' is due out in selected US cities on May 31st 2013. With a hilarious cast talented in sarcasm and a myriad of teenage antics invoking nostalgia in everyone, it's sure to be one of the most memorable independent films of the summer and a true triumph to Chris Galletta as his screenplay debut.

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Video - Gabriel Basso Describes 'The Kings Of Summer' As A 'Pubescent Limbo' In An Interview Next To Co-stars Nick Robinson And Moises Arias - Part 1

Nick Robinson, Moises Arias and Gabriel Basso are interviewed about their new film 'The Kings of Summer'. They discuss the audition process and what they learned from the older and more experienced actors on the set.

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