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Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie Trailer

Tough-talking, loud-mouth mother and grandmother Agnes Brown enjoys her job selling fruit and vegetables on a town market stall; not only that, but it's her only real source of income. But when a vicious land developer selects her stall as the next on his hit list to be removed and replaced, she faces serious livelihood problems ahead. In a bid to keep it up and running, she takes the developer to court in a campaign backed by an extraordinary amount of locals (and die hard fans). With her six children behind her in her plans to thwart these rather criminal businessmen, she enlists the help of an alcohol dependent lawyer and a barrister with an unfortunate case of Tourettes syndrome. Will this mouthy matriarch maintain her Moore Street business? Or has the legendary Mrs Brown finally met her match?

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UK Premiere 'The Hooligan Factory'

Nick Nevern - UK Premiere - 'The Hooligan Factory' at Odeon West End - Red Carpet Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Monday 9th June 2014

Nick Nevern

The Hooligan Factory Trailer

Danny has always wanted to be a football hooligan ever since he was a child. He managed to get expelled from school at a very young age and longs to be just like his imprisoned dad. He wants something more out of life, and how best to inspire him than to get involved in some pure, unadulterated violence with the rival football firm. He's not the only one in the mood for some serious chaos either; Dex is just finishing his sentence at Wormwood Scrubs prison and is eager to get his own back on his own nemesis Yeti. But when Dex and Danny meet, it becomes a quest to get the old firm together and re-live the fun, blood-soaked times they once enjoyed. However, things are looking a little dangerous with the coppers now on the prowl.

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Vendetta Trailer

Jimmy Vickers is a Special Forces Interrogator who returns home from his run in Afghanistan to a less than warm welcome. A vengeful gang has brutally murdered his elderly parents and, in a haze of fury and despair, he flees from his old unit and the police in a bid to avenge their deaths on his own terms - no matter what happens to him as a consequence. Even despite pleas from all around him  for him to let the authorities handle it, all he has is violence on his mind and so attempts to escape them just until he has slaughtered every last one of the killers - but could his actions be putting someone else in danger along the way?

'Vendetta' is a gritty British crime thriller directed and written by Stephen Reynolds ('Tomb Raider Ascension') and starring Danny Dyer, who's infamous for his roles in a bloodthirsty action flicks including 'Severance', 'The Football Factory' and 'Deviation'. Among the production team on this movie are Jonathan Sothcott ('Devil's Playground', 'Dead Cert', 'The Fall of the Essex Boys') and Billy Murray (who's popular for his acting role in UK soap opera 'Eastenders'). 'Vendetta' will hit theatres in the UK on November 22nd 2013.

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Picture - Guest , Tuesday 24th April 2012

Guest and Nick Nevern Tuesday 24th April 2012 'Strippers vs Werewolves' premiere held at the Apollo cinema - Arrivals

Picture - Nick Nevern , Tuesday 24th April 2012

Nick Nevern Tuesday 24th April 2012 'Strippers vs Werewolves' premiere held at the Apollo cinema - Arrivals

The Sweeney Trailer

Cockney geezers of the world rejoice as the big screen remake of the seventies police drama The Sweeney is in post-production and will be released in cinemas in mid-September. Ray Winstone stars as Detective Jack Regan whilst Ben Drew, alias rapper Plan B, stars as Detective Sergeant George Carter, the part initially made famous by Dennis Waterman. Despite being parodied numerous times for his tendency to write/perform the theme tunes of may of his shows, Waterman actually didn't write the theme tune to the Sweeney, however no word has been made on whether Shaw (or Waterman) will be making a special appearance on the film's soundtrack.

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Terry Trailer

Terry is shot in the style of a true-to-life documentary. The film follows the day to day life of Terry, a low-life drug dealing character who lives in London. Charlie Ruez is the director with a vision, he wants to see all the grit that Terry's life has to offer, and that's exactly what he captures.

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Nick Nevern

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