Pop star Nick Jonas channelled his feelings of anger into the lyrics of his new song Jealous after catching another man ogling his sexy girlfriend Olivia Culpo's backside.

The singer/actor reveals he initially wanted to confront the former Miss Universe's unwanted admirer when the incident occurred earlier this year (14), but he came to his senses and decided instead to vent his frustration by picking up a pen and paper.

Jonas tells Eonline.com, "I saw someone looking at her a** when we were out one night. It really upset me.

"The next day I went into the studio and wrote the song. So I got something good out of the experience even though in the moment it was frustrating."

He adds, "I was also in the middle of shooting (upcoming Tv drama) Kingdom where I play an Mma (mixed martial arts) fighter, so I was all pumped up on testosterone feeling like I could beat someone up. Thankfully, I didn't."

Jonas has since recruited beauty queen Culpo to appear alongside him in the video for the new track, which will premiere next month (Sep14).