The Jealous hitmaker has become a beloved pop star within gay communities all over the world, after making an effort to schedule appearances at more LGBT friendly clubs and pride parades over the past couple of years.

In an interview with Attitude magazine, Jonas talks about his conscious decision to reach out to the group which often gets overlooked by other straight singers.

He says, "There's a thing of recognising that you have gay fans, as a male artist. I was speaking to some of my very close gay friends as I was making the record, and they told me I should really make the effort to embrace my gay audience as it's bigger than I might think.

"There should be more of it. There should be more heterosexual male artists who are comfortable to attract a gay audience and do it in a way that's authentic. With me, it comes from a very genuine and loving place."

Jonas adds that since he is a well-known star, he is making the most out of his celebrity to use his platform for good, and speak out about issues that need to be brought to the forefront.

He continues, "Intolerance in general to me is heartbreaking. I am happy and willing and ready to do all I can to help break down walls because at this point in time, it's just unacceptable. We are given a platform to talk about things that are relevant to us and important to us and I think it's one of those things where we really have to be conscientious of what is important to say.

"I do my best to show respect where it's due. But also, if there's something I think is unjust and I have the ability to speak about it then I'm happy to."