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Nick Jonas Angry Over Band Split

28th October 2014

Pop star Nick Jonas is angry with his singing siblings over the breakup of their group The Jonas Brothers, according to actor Frank Grillo.The trio disbanded in October last year (13) after pulling out of...

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Nick Jonas To Propose To Girlfriend

23rd October 2014

Nick Jonas is reportedly planning to propose to Olivia Culpo by the end of the year. The former Jonas Brothers singer is keen to pop the question to the brunette beauty, 22, whom he has...

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Gigi Hadid Laughs Off Joe Jonas Romance Rumours

22nd October 2014

Gigi Hadid has denied rumours that she's dating Joe Jonas.The 19-year-old model previously dated Joe's brother Nick Jonas and has more recently been linked to older sibling Joe but has now shut down the claims...

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Nick Jonas' New Image Might Alienate Fans

21st October 2014

Nick Jonas admits his new image might alienate some of his long-time fans.The 22-year-old star, who rose to fame as the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, insists he has no regrets about posing with...

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The Things They Tweet: 4414338

15th October 2014

"in the last 2 wks all of my female friends have developed crushes on nick jonas and Im starting to think we have an epidemic on our hands." Rapper Iggy Azalea jokes about Nick Jonas'...

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Nick Jonas Would Bare All For The Right Role

3rd October 2014

Nick Jonas has given casting agents in Hollywood a reason to put him at the top of their wish lists after revealing he'd consider baring all for the right film or Tv role.The pop star-turned-actor...

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Nick Jonas Sheds His Clean Image (And A Lot More) For Provocative Magazine Shoot

By Stephanie Chase | 3rd October 2014

The internet might need to take a cold shower this afternoon, after images from Nick Jonas’ Flaunt Magazine shoot made their way online. In the pics, little is left to the imagination as the 22...

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The Things They Say: 4394829

3rd October 2014

"Daniel Craig! That's my man crush for sure. He's James Bond. He's the best. I'm a huge James Bond fan. I think he's a bada** and I think he killed it in all his movies....

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Nick Jonas Makes Sexy Music

3rd October 2014

Nick Jonas wants people to ''have sex to'' his new music.The former Jonas Brothers singer is working on a solo album - which is due to be released in November - and says each track...

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Nick Jonas' Date Researched Him Online

3rd October 2014

Nick Jonas once went on a date with someone who'd researched him online beforehand. The 22-year-old singer admits he's been on a number of bad dates in the past but one in particular stands out...

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Nick Jonas Has 'Man Crush' On Daniel Craig

2nd October 2014

Nick Jonas has a ''man crush'' on Daniel Craig. The 22-year-old singer admits he admires the 46-year-old hunk - who plays fictional British secret agent James Bond 007 - and has nothing but praise for...

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Fascinating Fact: 4394057

2nd October 2014

Nick Jonas has shed his teen-pop image - and his clothes - for a revealing new magazine shoot. The former Jonas Brothers star took off his T-shirt to show off his toned chest and stomach,...

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The Things They Say: 4394055

2nd October 2014

"I really try to be aware of the purpose of each song. There are songs on my record that I want people to have sex to, and songs people can listen to when they're p**sed...

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Joe Jonas Dating Brother's Ex?

22nd September 2014

Joe Jonas is reportedly dating his brother's ex-girlfriend.The 25-year-old singer has been spending a lot of time with 19-year-old Gigi Hadid, a model who Nick Jonas, 22m romanced before embarking on a relationship with Olivia...

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Nick Jonas Gives Up Purity Ring

17th September 2014

Nick Jonas says he no longer wears his purity ring.The 22-year-old singer, who started wearing the band when he was 11 to symbolise his desire to abstain from sex until marriage, admits he has grown-up...

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Nick Jonas Delighted To Have Girlfriend In Video

16th September 2014

Nick Jonas' girlfriend provides ''incredible scenery'' in his new video.The former Jonas Brothers' singer has made an ''out there'' video for his new track 'Jealous' and was delighted to ask Olivia Culpo to take a...

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The Things They Say: 4360752

8th September 2014

"I did a duet with Demi, a song called Avalanche, which I'm really excited for the world to hear." Nick Jonas confirms his brother Joe's ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato appears on his new solo album.

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Nick Jonas Song Jealous Inspired By Real Life Incident

26th August 2014

Pop star Nick Jonas channelled his feelings of anger into the lyrics of his new song Jealous after catching another man ogling his sexy girlfriend Olivia Culpo's backside.The singer/actor reveals he initially wanted to confront...

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The Things They Say: 4339765

25th August 2014

"We're just having fun right now. We have plenty of time for that." Pop star Nick Jonas is in no rush to wed his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. The couple began dating late...

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Nick Jonas Insists There Is No Bad Blood

15th August 2014

Nick Jonas insists there is no bad blood between him and his brothers.The 21-year-old singer says his older siblings, Kevin, 26, and Joe, 24, who disbanded their squeaky clean band, The Jonas Brothers, last year,...

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Nick Jonas Was Called The Hulk After Weight Gain

2nd August 2014

Nick Jonas' brothers kept calling him the ''Hulk'' after he gained 15 lbs.The 21-year-old hunk piled on the pounds for his MMA fighter role in the new drama 'Kingdom' and he admits his siblings Kevin,...

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See A Transformed Nick Jonas In Trailer For New Mma Drama ‘Kingdom’

By Stephanie Chase | 2nd August 2014

With a shaved head and bulging biceps former Jonas Brothers singer Nick looks almost unrecognisable in the trailer for Direct-TV’s new series ‘Kingdom’. In the 10 part series, Nick stars as an aspiring MMA fighter...

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Fascinating Fact: 4307139

31st July 2014

Singer Nick Jonas has recruited Sean Penn and Robin Wright's model daughter Dylan Penn to star in the music video for his new solo single, Chains. Penn plays the Jonas Brothers star's love interest in...

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Demi Lovato To Appear On Nick Jonas' Solo Record

30th July 2014

Demi Lovato will appear on Nick Jonas' solo record.The 'Skyscraper' hitmaker - who previously dated Nick's brother Joe - has worked on a song with her old friend for his first album since splitting from...

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Nick Jonas Felt 'Trapped' In The Jonas Brothers

23rd July 2014

Nick Jonas' new song 'Chains' describes how he felt trapped in the Jonas Brothers. The 21-year-old singer and his brothers Kevin, 26, and Joe, 24, disbanded their squeaky clean band last year and with his...

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Jonas Brothers Set For Summer Reunion

16th July 2014

The Jonas Brothers are set to get back together this summer.The 'SOS' hitmakers - made up of brothers Kevin, 26, Joe, 24, and 22-year-old Nick - are reportedly planning a reunion just nine months after...

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Demi Lovato Working On Side Project With Nick Jonas

26th June 2014

Pop star Demi Lovato has hit the studio with Nick Jonas to create music for a new collaborative side project.The Camp Rock co-stars have been close friends ever since their days working for Disney, and...

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Miley Cyrus And Selena Gomez Feud Over Nick Jonas

11th June 2014

Miley Cyrus' friendship with Selena Gomez reportedly ''turned sour'' in 2008 because of Nick Jonas.The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker sparked rumours of a feud when she performed her track 'FU' while holding a crude cardboard cutout...

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Bret Michaels' 'Extremely Low Blood Sugar' Forces Concert's Early End

By Elinor Cosgrave | 30th May 2014

Bret Michaels was forced to leave the stage whilst performing at his concert in Manchester, New Hampshire last night (29th May). The 51-year-old seemingly unable to continue, three songs into the performance, and was quickly...

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Rita Ora Never Dated Nick Jonas

29th April 2014

Rita Ora claims she's never dated Nick Jonas. The 'RIP' hitmaker has shot down rumours she's been in a relationship with the 21-year-old singer after he name-dropped her in his band's song 'What Do I...

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