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Nick Frost full name Nicholas John 'Nick' Frost (born 28.4.1972) Nick Frost is an English actor, screenwriter and comedian most notable for his highly acclaimed work with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg on the television series Spaced, and the 'Cornetto trilogy', consisting of multi-award winning Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the World's End.

Childhood: Frost was born in Dagenham, East London to office furniture designers where he attended Beal High School. Frost became a waiter, whilst occasionally doing small time acting positions in corporate training videos such as 'Chris Carter and the Coverplan Challenge' and a Dixon's group sales video, in order to fulfil his acting ambitions. Nick Frost: Acting Career Despite only doing occasional acting positions and working as an extra on the television series Big Train, Nick Frost was cast on Simon Pegg's and Edgar Wrights highly acclaimed and notable television series, Spaced.

The series followed two friends Tim (played by Simon Pegg) and Daisy (played by Jessica Hynes) as they pretend to be married in order to stay in the only apartment they can afford. Despite the show finishing after 2 series (even though a third series was reportedly considered) the cast and crew remained in contact and developed a professional working relationship. Frost later worked alongside Dylan Moran, Tamsin Greig and Bill Bailey to appear in two episodes of Black Books, a comedy focusing on a book shop owner who hates his customers. Frost and Pegg collaborated again in 2004 to write and star in Danger! 50,000 Zombies a short spoof film based on Nick Frosts TV Series Danger! 50000 Volts. The short film focused purely on the subject of the living dead which inspired the release and writing of Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the Dead reunited Edgar Wright with the Frost/Pegg duo and received positive critical response. The film was described as a 'romantic zombie comedy' shortened to 'rom-zom-com' and made reference to and added humour to previous Zombie films such as Dawn of the Dead. The film also reunited Tamsin Greig and Dylan Moran whom Frost had previously worked with on Black Books. Shaun of the Dead was the beginning of what would later be referred to as the 'Three flavours Cornetto trilogy'.

A trio of comedies connected via the flavour of Cornetto ice-cream. It is a reference to Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colours film trilogy. Nick Frost continued to act in television films and short videos made with Pegg and Wright, often including co-stars from Shaun of the Dead. These videos were short comedies including: Funky Pete and Who would be Sean. In 2005 Nick Frost was cast in Kinky Boots, a new project unrelated to his previous work. The film was displayed on the opening night of Sundance Film Festival and followed a drag queen that made an attempt to save a man from losing his shoe shop.

Frost continued to play small television series roles such as: Look around You, Dirty Tricks and Green Wing, before being cast alongside Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz, A comedy about the Police/Fuzz written by previous friend and colleague Edgar Wright. The film was a commercial and critical success receiving $80,573,774 at the world wide box office. Between 2005 and 2007, Frost starred on the 12 episode series Man Stroke Woman, a series of sketches in which the cast played multiple roles. The show finished after 2 series and Frost was cast alongside previous co-star Bill Nigh (Hot Fuzz) on the Boat That Rocked. The film won Best Picture at the Golden Capital Awards as well as receiving four other nominations.

In 2011 Frost starred and wrote his debut feature film alongside previous friend and co-star Simon Pegg. 'Paul' followed the journey of two nerds (Pegg and Frost) who encounter an Alien (voiced by comedian and actor Seth Rogen) as they made an attempt to get the alien back home. The film also starred Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver. Frost continued to have supporting roles in Attack the Block and Snow White and the Huntsman before teaming up with an all star cast (including Pegg and Wright) in The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The film was directed by world famous and critically acclaimed director Steven Spielberg and Produced by Peter Jackson who had a cameo appearance in Hot Fuzz. The film was nominated for one Academy Award and received another 33 nominations in different festivals and award ceremonies.

The final instalment of the Cornetto trilogy is due for release 19th July and will feature Frost, Pegg, Wright and previous stars from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead.

Personal Life: Frost currently resides with his half-Swedish wife, executive Producer Christina in London who gave birth to a boy on 22nd June 2011. Frost is also a well known supporter of West Ham United.

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The Huntsman Winters War Trailer

Long before the evil Queen Ravenna was thought to have been killed by Snow White, she sat idly by as her sister Freya fled their kingdom after suffering devastating heartbreak and betrayal.

Armed with her power to freeze any enemy, Freya the ice queen spent decades in a remote wintry palace raising a legion of deadly huntsmen, including Eric and warrior Sara. But Freya soon discovered that he two most prized fighters had defied her by breaking her most important rule of all: Forever harden your hearts to love.

After learning of her sister's demise, Freya then summons her remaining soldiers to bring the Magic Mirror home to the only sorceress left who can harness its power. But when she discovers Ravenna can be resurrected from its golden depths, the two sisters threaten their enchanted land with twice the darkest force it's ever seen. 

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Boy George, Miranda Hart And Geri Halliwell Set For Celebrity 'Gogglebox'

Boy George Miranda Hart Geri Horner Nick Frost Jamie Dornan Lee Mack

Channel 4 is to broadcast a special episode of runaway favourite ‘Gogglebox’, featuring celebrities such as Boy George, Miranda Hart and Geri Halliwell shouting things at the TV and each other.

As part of a night of one-off programming tonight (Friday October 9th) in order to raise money and awareness for the charitable organisation Stand Up To Cancer, a star-studded line-up will be sitting in front of their televisions for a night in and commenting on the week’s shows.

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Maisie Williams, 'Game Of Thrones'' Arya Stark, To Guest Star In 'Doctor Who'.

Maisie Williams Peter Capaldi Jenna-louise Coleman Joe Dempsie Doctor Who Game Of Thrones Hugh Bonneville Anne Robinson John Cleese Nick Frost Kylie Minogue

Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams will guest star in Doctor Who when it returns to our screens this autumn. The BBC announced the news on their blog on Monday (30th March).

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams will guest star in Doctor Who.

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Unfinished Business Review


More than just a misfire, this attempt at a rude comedy goes so spectacularly wrong that it actually contradicts its own jokes even as it's telling them. But then it undermines everything as it goes along, for example indulging rampantly in comical cruelty before trying to say something meaningful about the dangers of bullying. The real question is how the cast members could have agreed to make a movie in which they all come across as incoherent idiots.

The story opens as Dan (Vince Vaughn) clashes with his boss Chuck (Sienna Miller) then quits dramatically, taking newly retired Tim (Tom Wilkinson) and airhead newbie Mike (Dave Franco) with him to start a new sales company. But after a year, business isn't good, and the future hinges on making a massive deal with Bill and Jim (Nick Frost and James Marsden). The problem is that Chuck is also bidding for the business, so Dan, Tim and Mike fly off to Maine and then Berlin to seal the deal with a handshake. Impossibly they arrive in Berlin at the same time as Oktoberfest, the marathon, a gay S&M festival and the G8 Summit, with its accompanying anarchist protest. Meanwhile back home, Dan's wife (June Diane Raphael) is having problems with the kids.

Frankly, there is so much going on in this film that it's exhausting. It's as if screenwriter Conrad just threw everything he could think of onto the page and didn't worry if it made even a lick of sense. Every scene feels interrupted by a bit of random chaos that isn't remotely amusing. And despite making a movie that's obsessed with sex, the filmmakers are unable to decide whether they want to make fun of it or are terrified of it (so they end up being both at the same time). Each time something interesting or funny threatens to happen, it's sideswiped by something so breathtakingly bungled that we don't know where to look.

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Unfinished Business - Red Band Trailer

Despite his business acumen and ability to land important deals, one businessman named Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) still managed to get a pay cut from his uncaring boss - who may be hot but she's still widely hated throughout the company. A year later, he's set up his very own business with only two employees: one man who's old enough to have retired a decade ago (Tom Wilkinson), and a boy who's barely out of college (if he ever managed to get that far) hilariously named Mike Pancake (Dave Franco). Even in spite of the unsual trio, they still manage to secure a lucrative deal with a top company and make way for a trip to Germany to shake on it. However, another company threatens to disrupt everything - Dan's former employers. In order to be noticed over his busty blonde former boss, he has to pull out all the stops. And we mean all of them.

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Preimere Of 'The Boxtrolls' - Arrivals

Nick Frost - Preimere of 'The Boxtrolls' - Arrivals at AMC Universal CityWalk. - Universal City, California, United States - Sunday 21st September 2014

Nick Frost
Nick Frost
Nick Frost
Nick Frost
Nick Frost
Nick Frost

Nick Frost "Thrilled" To Be Starring In Doctor Who Christmas Special

Nick Frost Doctor Who

Nick Frost, the actor and screenwriter known for his work with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, will star in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, the BBC has announced today. Frost will be joined by Natalie Gumede, 'Glue' actress Faye Marsay and 'Misfits' star Nathan McCullen.

Nick FrostNick Frost signing copies of 'Paul at HMV. Remember 'Paul'?

Further details about the characters are being kept under wraps though it is known that filming on the Christmas episode is underway in Cardiff. 

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The Boxtrolls Review


A triumph on a variety of levels, this staggeringly detailed stop-motion animation has a wonderfully deranged story packed with spirited characters. It also takes on some seriously important issues without ever getting heavy-handed about it. So while we're laughing at the astounding visual mayhem, there's plenty of depth to keep our brains spinning. And what the film has to say about communal paranoia is vitally important in today's world.

The story takes place a decade after a baby was kidnapped by the Boxtrolls, nighttime scavengers who prowl by night. Over the last 10 years, their legend has grown, and the people are now terrified of being eaten. So the red-hatted Snatcher (voiced by Ben Kingsley) and his sidekicks (Richard Ayoade, Nick Frost and Tracy Morgan) set a goal to exterminate the trolls in exchange for prestigious white hats, which will let them join Lord Portley-Rind (Jared Harris) for his evening cheese-tasting events. Then Portley-Rind's daughter Winnie (Elle Fanning) spots a boy among the Boxtrolls, learning that Eggs (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is actually the kidnapped baby. And that Boxtrolls aren't actually villains at all. But can she get her father to pay attention to her for even a moment, so he can understand that Snatcher is the real bad guy?

Everything on-screen is in constant motion, with cluttered scenes that are a feast for the eyes. Action sequences are complicated and layered, drawing the eye all over the screen as the stakes grow higher with each scene. The mechanical climax feels like one step too far, but the filmmakers keep the focus tightly on the characters, each of whom has a bundle of quirks and obsessions that make them flawed and likeable. Even the nefarious Snatcher has a soft side, and Kingsley has a great time bringing out each aspect of the hilariously vile character, including his scene-stealing alter ego, the fabulous drag queen Madame Frou Frou.

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Edgar Wright And Simon Pegg Set To Combine Again On New Movie

Simon Pegg Edgar Wright Nick Frost

Forget Hector and the Search For Happiness. That was a blip in the otherwise brilliant career of Simon Pegg. And anyway, he’s at his best when working with Edgar Wright – good news, then, that the pair has confirmed a brand new project together.

Edgar Wright Simon PeggEdgar Wright [L] and Simon Pegg [centre] are working together again

“Edgar and I were having a conversation the other day about it, and it has a title and everything. We're kind of into a creative cycle nowm” Pegg said when speaking to Edith Bowman on BBC 6 Music, "We've all got different things [going] on and we know we have to get those things done. The coming-together thing is without question on the table and will happen when we can do it."

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UK Premiere Of 'Hector And The Search For Happiness' - Arrivals

Nick Frost - UK premiere of 'Hector And The Search For Happiness' - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 13th August 2014

Nick Frost
Nick Frost
Nick Frost

Everything We Know About Edgar Wright's 'Baby Driver'

Edgar Wright Simon Pegg Nick Frost Shaun Of The Dead Tim Bevan

After a storm of scepticism surrounding Edgar Wright’s decision to walk away from the future Marvel blockbuster Ant Man, the British director has instead turned his hand to a new project which promises to put a fresh spin on the action-packed crime film. Having shot to directorial superstardom after the incredibly successful ‘Cornetto Trilogy’, his collaboration with long-time friends Simon Pegg and Nick Frost which included the crowd-pleasers Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and World’s End, Wright has found himself as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand directors. Moreover, he has proved that he is unafraid to walk away from a project if he feels strongly perturbed by the direction it is being aimed toward by studio executives.

Edgar Wright At Premiere Of Worlds EndWright left Ant Man after a prolonged dispute over the script

With Wright freed from Ant Man after script disputes, Baby Driver is reportedly being fast-tracked towards production, with the screenplay already being written following the Wright’s 2010 hit Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Details on the film remain scarce, but a small amount of speculation has been addressed by the director in a series of interviews. As intrigued fans have pointed out, Baby Driver is also the name of a track from the iconic Simon and Garfunkle album Bridge Over Troubled Water. In an interview conducted in 2011, Wright conformed he had written a script that borders on being a musical, admitting that it would in many ways act as a departure for the director in terms of style.

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The Boxtrolls - International Trailer

Eggs is a young boy living in the dairy loving, wealthy town of Cheesbridge. He was adopted as a baby and is a perfectly ordinary boy - apart from the fact that he was brought up in a sewer by an unusual group of foster parents. The Boxtrolls are underground creatures feared throughout the town as sinister and dangerous monsters, but in truth they are remarkably kind and so shy that they spend most of their time hiding in the boxes they wear as shells and venturing out at night so that they don't bump into the Cheesebridge residents. All they wish to do is collect discarded rubbish and turn it into incredible machines. Unfortunately, despite their harmlessness, a vicious exterminator named Archibald Snatcher is after their heads when the town's council insists on their removal. Eggs must help save his family, but first he's got to start behaving like a regular boy.

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Hidden Below The Streets Are The 'Boxtrolls' [Trailer + Pictures]

Simon Pegg Ben Kingsley Toni Collette Isaac Hempstead-Wright Richard Ayoade Nick Frost

The trailer for the latest film to come from Laika, Phil Knight's Hillsboro animation studio, has hit the web. ‘Boxtrolls’ tells the story of a group of goblins that live underground, feeding off grubs and various bugs, and using boxes to appear greater than the sum of their parts. 

BoxtrollsHe's not a boxtroll, but he sort of is, is Eggs

The trailer gives us a further look at the beautifully crafted, almost dickensian world that the talented guys at Laika have created. The fantastical setting is intriguing as soon as we see the cobbled roof tiles, and becomes even riper for exploring the further we go down, even below the street, where those adorable (yet thoroughly disgusting) Boxtrolls. 

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The Boxtrolls Trailer

The Boxtrolls are odd underground creatures that wear cardboard boxes as if they were shells. Shy and wary of the unforgiving world around them, they take to the streets at night to recycle rubbish from dustbins and store it in their homes below the streets of Cheesebridge; a town fixated with money and smelly cheese and who are less than welcoming to their sewer dwelling neighbours, who they believe to be enormous insidious menaces. That couldn't be further than the truth when it comes to the Boxtrolls; there is simply nothing menacing about them, so when they find themselves being pursued by a ruthless exterminator by the name of Archibald Snatcher, all they want to do is make sure they are well hidden. They have a protector, however, named Eggs - a young boy who the Boxtrolls adopted as a baby - and he's about to show them just how brave they can be in the face of danger.

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Valentines Film Releases UK: What's Out And What You Should Avoid?

George Clooney Joaquin Phoenix Nick Frost

Valentines Day is one of the biggest days in the film calendar, proving that people would rather sit in a dark room, facing forward and taking in a story than actually spending real time together. Luckily, there are some great films to not spend the evening with your other half… with. Then again, there are some rubbish ones too.

Monuments MenAre you sure it isn't good?

Monuments Men

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Nick Frost

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