Rocker Nick Cave has explained his refusal to pay tribute to Michael Jackson at a gig shortly after the superstar's death - insisting the King of Pop was so talented he made all other musicians look like "amateurs".
Cave took to the stage at Britain's legendary Glastonbury music festival just three days after the Thriller hitmaker passed away suddenly on 25 June (09).
Many artists spent the festival weekend preparing tributes to the late singer, but Cave stunned the audience by completely ignoring Jackson's death when he took to the stage - instead dedicating his set to actress Farrah Fawcett, who died the same day.
Cave is adamant he didn't mean to snub Jackson - he simply found it difficult to express his feelings at the loss of such an iconic performer.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan. But as a performer he was a problem for all of us, and in all due respect it's good he's gone because he made us all feel like we had lead in out boots. Something about him made everyone else look like amateurs. But I felt sad for Farrah Fawcett dying in the same week."