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Nick Broomfield Startled Over Creepy Encounter With Suge Knight

Documentary-maker Nick Broomfield was left terrified when fearsome rap mogul Marion 'suge' Knight stalked him in a hotel for 30 minutes after he grilled the hip-hop boss over the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious...

Nick Broomfield: 'Adolf Hitler Would Be Proud Of American Sniper'

Controversial documentary-maker Nick Broomfield has launched a furious attack on hit movie American Sniper, branding it "fascism" and comparing it to the powerful imagery used in Adolf Hitler's Nazi propaganda.Broomfield, who has previously released headline-grabbing...

Suge Knight Arrested For Tupac Shakur's Murder?

Suge Knight, the former Death Row Records head honcho, became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter this weekend, with rumors suggesting he had been arrested over the death of Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas in...

Kurt Cobain's 45th Birthday Celebrated By Nirvana Fans

Today would have marked Kurt Cobain 's 45th birthday (February 20, 2012). Cobain died at the age of 27, killed by his own gunshot wound. The former Nirvana frontman has been immortalized as the undisputed...

Suge Knight's 'Rise To Power' Subject Of Showtime Documentary

Suge Knight, the hugely controversial founder of Death Row Records, is the subject of a new feature-length documentary to be produced and aired on Showtime, according to The The movie, tentatively titled 'Suge Knight',...

Serial Killers And Former Prime Ministers At Broomfields Dream Party

Documentary filmmaker NICK BROOMFIELD would love to host a dinner party with his past interviewees because it would make for an "amazingly funny" time. The Kurt And Courtney director, whose films cover everything from murdered...

Broomfield Flirts His Way To Documentary Success

Documentary-maker NICK BROOMFIELD credits his ability to flirt with enabling him to delve deeply into the chosen topics of his films. Thanks to his smooth manner, the director has persuaded people to let their...

Broomfield: 'Bush Is Fantastic For Documentaries'

British film-maker NICK BROOMFIELD credits US President GEORGE W BUSH's outspoken behaviour and opinions with providing a new school of documentary-makers with fantastic material. Broomfield - famous for AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A...

Broomfield Shocked By Prison Guards' Behaviour At Execution

Documentary film-maker NICK BROOMFIELD was appalled by the enthusiasm prison guards showed when serial killer AILEEN WUORNOS was moments away from being executed. Broomfield has made two movies following Wuornos - 1992's AILEEN WUORNOS:...

Brits Impressed With Fahrenheit 9/11

British screen stars PETER O'TOOLE and BILL NIGHY have hailed FAHRENHEIT 9/11 after its UK premiere in London last night (29JUN04) - dubbing maker MICHAEL MOORE "the most important man on the planet". Moore's...

Chuck D To Take Over Cable Station For A Week

Rap veteran CHUCK D is giving fans the chance to enjoy his favourite programming, when he takes over an American cable station for a whole week. From 2 July (04), the PUBLIC ENEMY icon...

Nick Broomfield: I Hate Bush's America

Documentary filmmaker NICK BROOMFIELD feels uncomfortable in America since PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH was elected. British Bloomfield was in the States recently while making a film about the serial killer AILEEN WUORNOS, and found...

Broomfield Takes On Fleiss

Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS has given controversial documentary film-maker NICK BROOMFIELD permission to make a movie about her. The British director - whose previous work includes films on tragic rockers KURT COBAIN and...

Broomfield Warns Of New Biggie + Tupac Related Murder

A man implicated in the murder of rapper CHRISTOPHER 'NOTORIOUS BIG' WALLACE has reportedly fallen out with DEATH ROW RETURNS boss MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT - leading to fears for his life. Celebrated moviemaker NICK...

Stallone To Make Biggie And Tupac Murder Film

SYLVESTER STALLONE is to write, direct, and star in a film about the unsolved murders of celebrated rappers TUPAC SHAKUR and CHRISTOPHER 'BIGGIE SMALLS' WALLACE. Stallone will play real-life detective RUSSELL POOLE, who appeared...

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